Friday, November 12, 2010

How much can a Koala bear...

100 kmph till you get to the T-intersection in 100 meters...
Today it was hot. Hot hot hot. We had trouble leaving the campground and only got 1km on our way before we stopped for a cold drink. I took my usual 2 salt tablets, and hoped that to be enough for me to ride the measly 25kms that we had scheduled for today to get us to Paynesville, the heart of the Gippsland Lakes district. We hoped to camp on Raymond Island, a short ferry ride from there, where I thought we could camp. Raymond island is noted for it's koala population and when we got there we saw quite a few. There was no camping, so we found a campsite on the mainland. We had our island fix and veged out at the Resthaven caravan park where the man in the office offered us a tent site with en-suite - our private toilet/bathroom!
What surprised me today was that when we got off the highway and cut through some minor rural roads the speed limits were still posted as 100kmph which is ludicrous on these sections of a few hundred meters at a time! If they advertise that they are speed 'limits' and not intended as a 'challenge' then why post the sign 100 meters from a T-intersection like in this picture? Anyways, now I got that off my chest I can breathe easy and try and sleep in this 30 degree heat (could be much hotter here!). Tomorrows forecast is rain and we hope to cycle about 70kms. Keep fingers crossed, we are slightly behind my predicted schedule.

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