Sunday, November 14, 2010

The art of resting

After our drenching yesterday it was decided we have a restday today. Today we also met Ree who brought her car and a boot full of food! She will not be carrying our gear oh no, that would be cheating, no no! Well maybe a little. My sleepingbag bag is ripped, making it hard to pack in the panniers, so maybe the sleeping bag,
and maybe the tent, and...

Lovely day today, almost too good to not ride, but hack our muscles need a day off perhaps. Sigh. I love my riding.

Ree tells me I have lost weight. I will make up for it now that she can cook for us!

Last night we ran into Molly's aunt and uncle. Molly is a young lady with CF who goes to Melbourne's Monash CF clinic. I will mail her a copy of Walter and the Mucous Monster when I get back to Tassie.

1 comment:

connie said...

Fantastic to see that Ree has joined!
It rained and stormed the whole day in Canberra.
Hopefully you will have reasonable weather this last week! And then you
will be in Melbourne! "We zijn er bijna..."
Enjoy and Bon Appetit with Ree's food
Good Luck and Good Health!

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