Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cool change

Lovely and cool overcast
morning, not cold, just much better than yesterday's heat. We leisurely ate our muesli and drank our coffee, got our Internet fix at the 7 star camping and left 11am. We had 75 kms to go to Stratford where the next railway trail is waiting for us.

Today's ride was cutting through a rural area using minor roads. Loads of cockatoos and several swooping little piwis and one measly magpie made a humble attempt to swoop as well. Few hills and little traffic, with no towns in between.

Now that my glasses are not as accessible I decided to ask for directions instead of using my iPhone (much to Hans's enjoyment) and we had friendly people stopping for us when we weren't sure of which road to take. Winds were mostly favorable too but there was some light drizzle which turned into rain just before we arrived at the Statford Top Tourist Park.

Tongue in cheek I asked the lady at the 4 star tourist park about their luxury units and then humbly asked for the usual unpowered tent site.

Rehydrating tandoori chicken now, which I am cooking up with peas, a carrot and noodle soup in one big pot for us. Hans might complement it with a noodle dish.

Tomorrow Ree, sailing from Tasmania right now, will be meeting us and we will have gourmet meals from then on as well as a support vehicle! Oh, and she is good company too! I hope she finds us for breakfast.

Oh, and due to popular demand, here is a koala bear photo taken on Raymond Island yesterday.

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