Friday, May 29, 2015

The Marge and Judy surprise

We were heading from Monadnocks to Canning campsite, and hoped to meet Marge and Judy, El Camino family at camp. Sure enough they were there waiting for us, having hiked in from the Brookton highway access, about 10kms away.

They had brought us fresh fruit, cheese and other goodies! But more than anything we enjoyed their company and conversation. We had a long night as per usual and together we walked out to the Brookton highway through a small wetlands area, and past a bald rocky shale patch.
At the highway we boiled the billy and waited for Ree and Alastair to come with the caravan from the Threeway Roadhouse. They arrived in a timely manner and we headed off to Mundaring Weir hotel for a pup lunch, after saying goodbye to Marge and Judy.

The navigator in the caravan tried to take us to Mundaring, nowhere near the Mundaring Weir Hotel, then the phone navigation tried to go through dead end roads but in the end we got there barely in time before kitchen close - thanks to an electricity meter reading man's directions!
The accommodation we were banking on was the YHA which was not picking up the phone and we could not find any info on other than its location and good references from other hikers.

Ree had managed to track down a new phone number for the place as or was under new management: Ellen. Ellen turns our to be a very friendly social woman living with a dozen or more kangaroos. Nothing was too much trouble and she told is we could leave the caravan there till we hike trough again on June 1. Parks and Wildlife were ready to help us in case we got stuck but thanks to Ellen at the YHA all was solved.

And surprise surprise, there was Sharon, another friend I'd met on the El Camino, waiting for us!! She had come to walk with us for a few days.

Though the caravan got to the YHA fine but we noticed a tire was down. Ellen had a pump and we blew it up only to finds out we actually had a flat.

Alastair had cooked us all a big spaghetti dish for the evening, we spike about religion and cats and retired happily and in comfort.

When Alastair returned the next morning he helped me change the caravan tire before driving us all back to Brookton hwy. And so now with Sharon and my partner Ree we have four on the trail! And so we headed for the Mount Dale campsite!

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