Thursday, May 7, 2015

Black water

Gregory Brook campsite is on the schedule today. A 21km walk. We left Donnelly River about 830am with a group of walkers doing a Bibbulmun and Beyond Tour where they stay in comfortable accommodation and walk the highlights.

They had lunch at Willows Springs which was 20m up from where we decided to have an early one. Of course the rain started as soon as my water boiled... We headed off and saw where the others were having lunch and waved through the trees as we went past. Five minutes later there was a track diversion sign with a map. The map wasn't very clear to me and showed a large danger zone with both the original and the diverted track going right through it. When we headed in the what seemed to be the right direction we had to first duck under a road closed ribbon. Then there were no bib signs at all for about a   kilometer up the hill. We went back down to the diversion map and this time met the other walkers. We could have followed them but at this point decided we'd rather follow the original track which was clearly marked.  Both went through the danger zone anyways and both crossed the no go ribbon! 

The danger zone was destined to be back burned during 2015... As it was drizzling and cold and no smoke in the air we risked it for the 5 or so kilometers.

When we came out on the highway we thought we'd stop for a muesli bar. Barely had the backpacks off and there stopped the little Bib bus with walkers to say gidday to us and offering us a lift! Within seconds a police car also stopped. We threw one of our coughing4cf fliers in the cop car and disappeared through the closed track ribbon for the next bit of closed track which was not in the danger zone according to the map.

We noticed that every time we came to a bit of a road crossing there was closed tape hanging on one side of the track entrance  but not on the other side of the road. Quite confusing. Anyways, we survived.

And guess who was waiting for us at the Gregory Brook hut. Greg! Greg who so kindly helped us move the caravan to Donnelly River last week. He has been entertained by the mice at the hut till we came. The water here in the Drinkwater tank is black. Seriously black. Hard to call it tannin even, it is really the blackest I've ever seen water without tasting of tea or coffee! Apparently it is safe to drink. I boil it a minute longer just in case :).  Tastes fine.

Marilyn refried her two days old pub meal remnants for dinner; chips and calamari. I made Ree's San Cho Bow which had been hydrating in my backpack today. With chocolate and lots of soups we ate lots and are now in bed listening to the mice at 630pm - pitch dark.

Just one note about this hut. We have dirt on the floor, not the nice wood chips the other huts had. Therefore the sleeping platforms are also more dusty I believe. There are no plastic boxes here for the visitor log books, just a small container that just fits the books and nothing else. Before I was able to stow my food bags in there,  but not here where the mice are running literally under our feet!!

The walkers books are quite the norm. One to write name and date etc and one to scribble stories and notes etc.

Let's hope my food and my bags survive the night!!

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