Monday, May 4, 2015

Beavis campsite

Today the rain left us alone, but the mice got me overnight... They got into my food bags which were safely hanging up... Not so safe apparently. Two of my Kathmandu dry bags were chewed open, and my chocolate and my oatmeal had been targeted.  All my dry  bags are done for in fact, but that is life. Most of my stuff managed to stay fairly dry yesterday in the rains :) My back pack has known better days but it does a great job still.

So anyways, we left the campsite around 830am and walked past the Beedelup Falls and north towards Beavis hut, 21kms and many hills later. Found the biggest crowd of actual hikers here, a couple from Perth (both married but not to each other), an Adelaide man (Alan), Rod a British national and John the smoker from Perth who chopped the wood,  got our fire going, and is considering the trail name 'Death' as a nickname. His candles made the hut ambient too, but not as flashy as Rod's solar light pillow which was brilliantly innovative.

Tomorrow is apparently full of ups and downs. It is almost 8pm and the hut has gone to sleep with a male frog orchestra  in the background.

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