Friday, September 20, 2013

Windmill farming blowing us away

After a rest day in Pamplona we felt a million dollars,... NOT! Well, we seriously did feel a fair bit better and with only slight regret we left our by now much appreciated hotels to begin our day of 20+kms. The kind alberqe manager of the previous night drove my medicine back the same night we arrived in Pamplona, so I didn't have to go without meds!!!

The first hour of walking was through suburbia, following a well laid out path marked clearly with blue scallop shell signs and shiny scallop signs laid into the walkways. Eventually we sighted the windmills on the horizon and the path headed up. By now we'd run into many familiar faces already, which makes the walk so much more pleasant.
The windmill farms grew bigger and bigger, creating the impression we were getting closer quick. Little did we realise they were all 40m tall with 20m wingspans. When we finally did come closer. We appreciated the sheer size of them, and we realised all the ridges  we could see were lined with them. Dare I say thousands! Definitely hundreds. They were buzzing and whirring away nicely in the strong (and cool) winds up on the ridge.
These El Camino metal silhouettes that we recognised from the books we've read and the movies we've seen proved very popular with all the Peregrines. Cameras being passed from one group/couple to the next. There were dogs and bicycles, but no donkeys (who read the Spanish Steps'?). From here on it was mostly down hill (which in reality never seems that way).
The above statue was at the church where this nobleman killed his sister, then in repentance walked to Santiago, returned here and renounced his noble titles for a life of religious devotion - from what I remember. I took the opportunity with this nice prop to show off my devotion to my Vibram five finger barefoot shoes in which I walk 10kms with every afternoon. They are light and comfortable and provide a good change for my feet, the rest of the team already has signs of blisters, and knee, hip and feet aches! If only I can stop coughing!!! In fact I feel like I might be catching something. I know others on the trail are showing symptoms.

Anyways, by hook or by crook we all eventually arrived in Puenta La Reina between 2-5pm. We were booked into a private hostel with a great buffet dinner. The accommodation is hot, windowless and crowded, not so good for me, but hey,... Too late to worry. Food, shower and bar were perfect! I'm taking a phernergan! Word is I'm snoring! Tell me it isn't so!!!

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