Friday, September 27, 2013


We enjoyed our night in Santa Domingo, and had a nice meal as well. i missed out on the nuns choir, the museum (advertised as a 'church') with the live cock in it, and the Pilgrim simulation; an interactive display of what it was like to be a pilgrim a thousand years ago or so. by the tine you get to a place, settled in, did some laundry, shower etc, you cruise around town and find a little terrace to sit on. playing tourist is not a high priority, nor is paying to see a church (which turned out to be a museum). 

Anyways, it was to be a very leisurely day today. We knew it was going to be a little longer than usual so we took our time. Starting with a couple of coffees for me in town before leaving Santa Domingo. 

We ran into lots of our Camino amigos at the town cafés everywhere, we made good distance in the cool morning and enjoyed strolling in the heat of the day despite the long stretches parallel to the highway. 
In the morning I came across this sullen pilgrim pictured above, from Germany, who had walked from München to Santiago and was now on her way home. Take photo of dog in return for donation. I obliged. She must've known I wasn't going to give her €100 so the smile wasn't included.

Maybe you get immune to these lovely towns that we walk through and don't take as many photos as we should, but they sure are nice to come across. Shady and often with a cafe.

One playground provided us with a very inaccurate set of scales. It showed my backpack to be very heavy. Good thing I don't carry my meds as well! I can't believe my pack is that heavy, I expect about 12kg, but others tell me it surely weighs more. It doesn't feel too bad really, and I don't think it causes me to slow down on the hills.

And around lunch time we arrived at Belorado. Lovely town, lots of nice places to stay and eat, old castles and churches, small and friendly. The Alberge had a massage sign, but it turned out to be a false alarm. I had one a few days ago, my first one, and it was very therapeutic. I like to try a relaxing one next, but they aren't commonly available. If I come across reasonably priced massages I tend to be tempted, but it has only happened once so far.

Today I took an anti-inflammatory pill (neurofin I think), as my gout foot gets very sore at night now. Lets see if it helps. I could kind of feel my knee too lately, and today with the 600mg pill I didn't notice it. Keep fingers crossed. It is also why I am tempted to have the occasional massage.

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