Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rebecca feeling the pain...

Yes, that is right, it was Rebecca's turn to age another year today. To celebrate it we left Navarette  extra early and did a quick walk to Najera, a mere 17kms up the road.

But anyways, just coming back to Navarette, below is a photo of Kelly and crazy boyfriend Dan helping me look for a geocache. Kelly did not want to give up and Dan eventually found it for us. It is my first successful geocache in Spain. Thanks Dan and Kelly! As it took much longer than expected dinner was also delayed and I got to bed late, meaning I could hardly do any nebs as everyone was asleep when I came into the room. With 15 or more people trying to sleep I sat there with my headlight strapped on.... Fortunately most of the pilgrims in the room know me. On Dutch Danish woman who is riding an electric bike, Tom and his wife from Ohio, the spunky Ann from Wortel in Belgium doing a quick solo Camino, Wendy and Deedee,...

An early start with skimpy breaky in a bar, and off we went. well, i had to go back to the Alberge to get some forgotten medicine from my medicine bag first,... and receive my left shorts from Katerine from germany who found them and presumed they were mine (as I'm the liability of the team :)  the medicine bag was still sitting there awaiting the transport to Najera.  Jacotrans transports my medicine bag to the next town faithfully for €7/day. Bargain really.

The walk to Najera was relatively simple, a fairly long gentle uphill and a nice downhill into town. A town with a cafe in the middle, and all our pilgrim amigos everywhere along the track. The private hostel where we are now, the Puerto de Najera, is well located and a lot of fun. We have Wendy and daughter Deedee staying here as well as Kelly and Dan. It's a small world. I went and had a therapeutic massage by a strong matador  in the afternoon and hope my legs will be back to normal tomorrow.

Dinner was a 730pm at the albergue recommended restaurant where a candle was lit to commiserate Rebecca's extra year.

Here's a pic of Dan and Kelly...

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Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Ah Walter, don't believe rumours, how could you be a liability, you've never been liable for anything ever, lol. We love you, xxx

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