Sunday, September 22, 2013


Los Arcos (above) turned out to be quite a nice spot. I tried to find a shop to sell me some phone credit but was pointed to the phone shop where people take hours to discuss phones. Impatient as always I walked into a pharmacy and asked if there was a news agency or supermarket nearby. They pointed me to another shop to get credit. Low and behold they also sell phones in one corner and the one sales assistant was absorbed in this potential sale. Other customers pointed me to a nearby lolly shop. There they pointed me to a tobacconist where I eventually got a €10 credit applied to my Movistar spanish phone. Then I went into a pharmacy to get something for my chaffing and was done in 3 minutes.
Breakfast at the Refugio Juvenil was absolutely magnificent with muesli, proper coffee, fresh fruit, even lactose free milk! After that breakfast I was in a daze and took a wrong turn somewhere, suddenly seeing my mates way down below where I was. No big deal, I caught up fairly quickly to meet Karina waiting for me at the Wine Well, where wine flows freely out of wall tap on demand. The others did not like wine at 830am and had moved on. See the photo below with Rebecca, Jo and Lynda hurrying along the Camino.

The track took us up a long hill with magnificent views before coming to hot farmland. It was hot but mostly downhill, and past several stacks of huge haystacks.

We found our Alberge without a problem and settled in again on the second floor. We like this town with €6 jugs of Sangria. Even our laundry was done for €0.50 which seemed a bargain till we got it all back wet... Dinner time!

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Connie said...

Very good to read how things are going. Interesting! Keep moving, I keep moving too... all goes well here. Bon voyage and my thoughts are with you all the time!

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