Monday, September 16, 2013

Couple of hard days!

Today we woke up in Orison before the nice sunset. First a false alarm when a stray iPhone sounded a bugle (indicating an SMS to say the Swans football team has won). We purchased a breadroll to bring for lunch and headed into the hills. It was all up 20+ kilometres of it, into the clouds, with sheep, cows, pilgrims, roads, tracks, clay,... 
We found a little van selling goats cheese, bananas and hot coffee/chocolate at reasonable prices, and a little stone shelter where we gobbled up our lunch.
Kath struggled up the hills with me, occasionally/regularly beating me. It was only the final 4kms down steep forest where I could truly beat her.

We are very pleased to be in Roncesvalles today. It is pretty much a pilgrim town here. Very authentic. The pilgrim meal consisted of a little boiled trout, a humble serve if soggy chips, bowl of soup, bottle of wine and water to share and a small container of watery plain sweetened yoghurt. Sure enough the accommodation part is runny Dutch people!! 

Tomorrow is 20kms but not too steep. 

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