Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A walk in the park.....

Today we started our walk with Lagroña in sight. Our mission was to go in, drink coffee, walk out and find Navarette. Sounds simple. Getting out of bed is always an important part of the day, a good start a good day. One look at the sliced white bread and jam on the Refugio's table convinced us not to have breaks here. So under the moonlight at 7am we wondered up to the old town where everything was still closed, bar the baker. We bought a stick of brown saltless bread and put one of my old cream cheese portions on it. Then into the fancy hotel where the others were staying. They didn't seem to serve breakfast for non-guests but coffee and one croissant was available. With the team assembled save for Kath and Carlene who were already n Lagroño, we headed into the city down in the valley.
Mostly downhill into town. Quick church visit, buck for a beggar, photo with a pilgrim statue, and a pharmacy stop before the much needed coffee and snacks. Kath made an appearance and updated us on the Carlene's health status and the festival that was happening here before we continued up the hill, around the pond and into the town of Najera.

Not a bad walk today. Another church to see, this time a coin operated one. Put money in the slot and the lights to the altar light up. Innovative! Tapas and beer and a quick geocache with crazy Dan and Kelly from Canadia.


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