Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vietnam to Singapore in 5 stages

For those interested, here is the Vietnam to Singapore bicycle ride for Cystic Fibrosis in more details.

First HANOI to HOI AN. This is 780kms with no serious mountains. Close to Hanoi we traverse Bach Ma National Park which has a few hundred meters elevation where we intend to cross.

Then we continue from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City. This is 1000kms along Highway 1 with a handful of small ranges of 200m or so. If we took a more direct route we would save 200 kilometers but hit some serious Highlands with few towns and few power points!

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The next stage to the beautiful and world heritage listed Angkor Wat in Cambodia should be relatively flat and 500kms. En route we should see the war tunnels here where the Vietkong fought the Americans. We lose our support vehicle on the border and need to improvise to get our gear across the border and into a Cambodian vehicle...

Again it should be flat to cycle 400kms to Bangkok. Whether we go into the city or not we will decide when we get closer. When I say flat I mean no major hills, but on a bicycle every day has is ups and downs!

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The next leg is the longest. We will enter Malaysia and travel through reasonably unsafe territory at times. We will take local travel advisories serious and avoid trouble spots.

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The final leg!! The 500kms to Singapore should fly by! Here we should have some extra team members to cheer us on and help us ride.

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Phew, this is going to be hard work!

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