Saturday, August 4, 2012

CF Clinic

Last week I visited the Tasmanian Adult CF Clinic in Hobart (300kms away) for a final health check. Low and behold, feeling super fit, my lung function is waaaaayyyy down. Lowest in years! In fact the last time I was that low was in 2007 when I was preparing to cycle Paris to Istanbul!

The team concluded that I need to adhere better to my prescribed medicine, and stop taking the glutathione which I was adding to my saline nebs in preparation for the Vietnam to Singapore ride on my Electric Bicycle. The problem with Pulmozyme, one of the inhaled medicine people with CF use, is that it requires refrigeration. I foresee dificulties with that and found that Glutathione may not replace it, but at least be a good addition to my regime. But since taking it for a month or so my lung function has plumeted to 38% of predicted.

So I stopped inhaling Glutathione and am taking a different antibiotic. Keep fingers crossed. We scheduled another appointment before I go to make sure I haven't dropped any more.

Very odd to be told my lung function is down so much, as I feel really well! Generally when I feel sick I cant walk up stairs and cough with any exertion. Right now I am able to casually walk up 6 flights of stairs up the Argyle Street carpark, run (and kind of keep up!) with the Hash House Harriers, and I ran my usual 5km block in Turners Beach in a relaxed 45 minutes (I often take an hour for that). The clinic is checking their equipment too.
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