Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last weekend of riding

Riding around NW Tasmania, my hood, there are plenty of little hills (100m rises). Very scenic, very nice, little on the cool side perhaps. Plenty of people out and about enjoying their sunny weekend, I gladly give them my card and tell them about our quest to conquer Asia for Cystic Fibrosis!

The only reason I stopped at the bowser was not for a quick battery recharge, it was more to admire the beautiful 1989 replica of the 1960s European LeMans edition Ford GT40 (40 inches high at the windshield!)... Obviously out enjoying themselves too! Very special vehicle, drawing more eyes than my Zoco Electric Bike. I was surprised to see the GT40 overtaking me (I thought I'd be faster...)

So anyways, going through my mind the things I cannot forget to take next saturday like plastic ties, sunscreen, the rechargeable batteries,... I know I'l forget a bunch of crucial items. The question now is which ones will I forget?

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