Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Ready to go!

In 1 week we are making our way to Mile 0 of the Vietnam to Singapore ride! Everyone in the team is doing their bits and getting ready. Eleanor in Brisbane now has the handheld GPS that Andrew in PNG has prepared for us with all the relevant maps and route option, Jim in Canberra is full bottle with panniers and technical bits, Alastair in Perth has a comfy saddle organised (after testing 4) and has been cycling lots. Marc in Canberra is training hard as he is riding a regular bicycle, Cindy has just booked ticket, and is fiddling with her off-shore fly in/out job schedule...

Derico cycles has checked over my bike and fitted a mirror for me, Vistaprint is still delivering more and more Cystic Fibrosis and ride propaganda to us all, destined for distribution in Asia. I have made contact with Sreymom who is a very helpful lady in Cambodia who is offering to help us (thanks to Lousie Ellings who has helped Srimom with other business in return for providing help to us!). Dutch relatives are busy putting the feelers out for a little welcome committee in Singapore... It is all coming together slowly, and we are all counting down!

Watch this space!
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Connie said...

Very good Walter. I will think of you and of all the other brave friends who are joining you every day!!!
Good health and good luck to all of you.
Have a wonderful trip and a safe arriving in Singapore!!!
Best wishes + hugs from Mamma xxx

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