Monday, August 27, 2012

Arrived in Hanoi

Well, we are getting serious now! Alastair flew in from Perth with bike and all without incurring extra charges. I wasn't so lucky, I ended up having to pay $375 excess luggage fees (@$25/kg it adds up!), and my bike box got demolished between Devonport and Melbourne. Qantas gave me a new box and I repacked it at the airport before checking it onto the international flight. This time I took many heavy parts, including battery, off the bike and put them in my huge duffle bag.

I met Alastair in Singapore after overnighting with relatives there.

There was transport awaiting us in Hanoi to take us to the Rising Dragon Palace hotel where we put the bikes back together. It looks like only my bike stand got damaged in the box mangle.

We have lots of organising to do now, and during the week will welcome Jim and Marc from Canberra and Eleanor with cheer-squad (husband and child) from Brisbane.


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Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Fanatastic photo of you & Alastair, so pleased the bikes made it. Phew what a huge sigh of relief.
Is this photo taken with the new
Pentax ?
Keep the pics coming, love from Taswegia xxxxxxxxxx

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