Thursday, August 9, 2012

Drysdale Fundraiser

Well folks, we had the last of the two fundraisers today at the Drysdale teaching restaurant. The student staff and apprentice cooks did a wonderful job, and we had ample raffles to keep us occupied. The Zoco Electric Bike took Centre stage again and the Dutch Jans Friendship Liqueur was tasted, raffled and auctioned!
For the statistician: The average person paid  $34 entry, $5 in the raffles, $3 in the auction, and the average person went home with $40 worth of donated merchandise value, which did not include the prime silent auction item donated by Foundry Productions (Brisbane). Not bad!
Total fundraiser results for both fundraisers:
  • CF Merchandise $25
  • CF Tasmania $863
  • The Team  $950 
Friendly Drysdale staff/students!

And for those whose curiosity was tickled by the best silent auction item, which is soon destined for The Sugar Cafe in Williams Street:
The printed work – Colour Wheels, represents the spoke patterns of 3 distinct bicycle wheel designs. While from a distance, the image appears almost chaotic and explosive, a closer inspection reveals the complex layering of texture, colour and line, formed from the perfect and mathematically engineered matrixes of the spokes. The use of colour is similar to an artist's colour wheel, showing all colours at once, blending together to create new tints. The playfulness of these elements combines to capture the energy and dynamics of a bicycle wheel in motion—the result of a rider's effort and endurance. 

The work—lovingly designed by Foundry Productions (Brisbane)—has been printed on acid free archival paper for long life, and set beautifully in a Bamboo, 'Country Road' frame.
Thanking everybody in the community for supporting Coughing for Cystic Fibrosis!
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Connie said...

What a wonderful result Walter!I just read all about it. Good luck with all the preparations and last minute things.
Good health and best wishes and lots of love from Mum/Oma/Connie xxx :-)

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