Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pretty Coool Out There

Geez, it's sure been cool riding around my N.W.Corners of Tassie. Getting in the miles everyday is one part of the training. Another important tasks to get done is to get the bike in order, the seat comfy, find panniers that work...

Medications and treatment is another part of preparation. South East Asia is very warm and potentially very wet.  Winter is the time for me to be extra careful with all my medicine as it is the time people get coughs and colds. Cycling through Asia I can not keep my medicine refrigerated around the clock as some medications  requires. Thus I am modifying my routines to cut out the refrigerated meds. So as I battle with the seasonal colds and flues I am also testing out alternative/new medicine.

Changing medication is always risky business and needs to be done in consultation with the Adult CF Team from Royal Hobart Hospital. The team there is very thoughtful and tries hard to help without being culpable - doctors having to stick to the 'Gold Standard' for treatment.So this week and the next few weeks I will be doing a few tests to ensure my new drug regime is working alright.

Still, carrying 1500 odd pills and the nebuliser, BSL and lung function test device and other equipment there will be plenty to carry.

Now is also time to sort out visas for Vietnam, Cambodia, and double check requirements for ThailandMalaysia and Singapore!

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