Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fundraiser Numero Uno

Pictured above is half the crowd at Oz Rock Inn last night, and this was also the lucky table with most raffle prizes ending up here! Both tables raised approximately the same amount, mainly because the other table had the winning bid for the most popular silent auction item; The Cebo fully automatic coffee machine. The fancy Cappuccino/Espresso machine (complete with milk reservoir) received a lot of interest and plenty of bids, and ended up fetching Cystic Fibrosis and the Coughing 4 CF team a handsome return. I would like to know how many people in the area will end up buying one on-line:, I certainly might consider one for Christmas! Come to think of it, I would love to know how many people end up ordering a Zoco Electric Bike in the region because of the numerous newspaper photos proudly showing the bike! Time will tell, hopefully we are all winners in this daring and ambitious expedition as we cycle 5000kms from Vietnam to Singapore...
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