Sunday, July 1, 2012

Everyone wants a Zoco...

As I am riding the Zoco Electric Bicycle around Tassie's North West training myself and testing the bike, lots of people (like Anthony in the photo) want to have a go on it. Everybody loves the bike and wants one! How could you first of all not want an electric bike, and then one as smooth as this one... At under $1800 complete with express delivery it really is a bit of a bargain! The gears and the disc brakes are fantastic, and the bike is just sooo cool to ride.

So far I have found that racing the bike on the fastest setting, maximum assist (the full 200W) I managed 49 kilometers at just over 20km/hr average - not bad considering the hills and wind we get here! Using the medium assist setting I managed to ride 79 kilometers over three days, averaging just under 20km/hr. Now I am testing a mix of settings, using max for the steep bits and the flats (to maintain 32km/hr!) and medium for the rest. Downhills, over 30km/hr with just gravity I turn it off all together. The bike has maxed out at 58 km/hr to date.Still need to make an arrangement for panniers...

Anthony from Austrips, pictured above, had a huge smile on his face after he did a quick lap, and if it wasn't for his family waiting for him in the crisp Tasmanian air he would've stayed on it! Austrips gave a generous donation towards our Vietnam to Singapore expedition, and we all appreciate it very much. Monies raised before the ride is used for preparations, propaganda and team costs, monies received after and during the ride will go straight to CF Australia. I expect that the donations we raise for CF will be a good multiple of what we receive before the ride, but time will tell! Remember that climbing Mount Kinabalu resulted in $4K for CF Tasmania!
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Cat Drawings said...

I'd love one, but don't have the dosh and I'm not sure I can read the stuff below.

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