Friday, July 27, 2012

Most embarrassing moment?

It looks like Ruth Wambui our guest starring rockstar from Kenya has come down with a Tasmanian cold and has lost her voice :(

Ruth was the main draw card for the fundraiser at OzRock tonight, and we may have to do without her. If people do not want to come we can refund your money of course, but we have come up with an idea:

Since Ruth can't sing, and Walter can't sing, Walter offered to recite Vogon poetry! Vogon poetry is of course, the third worst in the universe. A quick vote decided against that too, but instead Walter will attempt to tell Cycling Tales from his Adrenalin Trips. If Ruth is not singing then Walter will tell all about his last day of cycling in Bulgaria; Whores, Flies and Giant Foothills.  Guest starring tonight will also be Troy and Cindy, who were both there and may tell their side of the story!

If people don't fall asleep or totally ignore him Walter may also tell you about how the team made it to Istanbul on the last day, one of the hairiest days of the European ride; Badabing Badabang, cycling into Istanbul.
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