Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It is great to see donations coming in  to help us pay for team expenses! These will greatly benefit the team to get from Vietnam to Singapore. As you know we are all self funded and we will use your generous donations for team and CF related expenses. Amongst these expenses is the luxury of a support vehicle (which in some cases might be taxis or rental cars). Not only will the support vehicle help us carry our gear, our spare parts, my medical equipment as well as ‘sore’ riders (hopefully not me as I am keen to ride the entire distance!), the support vehicle will also locate accommodation along the way, which is a tremendous help. Other expenses include costs to print postcards in various languages to promote CF along the way and to explain what we are doing, the occasional press release and internet access along the way. It all adds up, and many of these costs I cannot expect the self funded team members to share, and hence we rely on YOU! We thank everyone who has donated and urge you to share this website!

VistaPrint Australia

When we leave Australia we hope to have enough in our kitty to do what we have to do, and then it is  time for us to collect purely for Cystic Fibrosis. All monies donated during the ride will go straight to CF Australia. Because of the much increased press and publicity gained by riding an electric bike through Asia with Cystic Fibrosis we will attract a much greater web audience. I pledge to not stop fundraising till we have at least donated the same to CF as we have received for the expedition!

Thank you to everyone who has donated!
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