Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lamington Drive

Just over two weeks to go to departure! Found a great little tent to carry, dusted off my sleeping bag, got the beginnings of a stove (need some parts), panniers are recovered from the shed,... Friends are arranging a Lamington Drive to collect some more funds for the trip, others on the mainland are arranging for some press coverage en-route,...

And best of all people are again donating to CF! The goal of $4095 has almost been reached, with only under $1000 to go! Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Remember the next thing you need to do is become an organ donor. It is not tax deductible, nor is it scary to be an organ donor. It doesn't mean your body will be ripped open the instant you die, it merely means that if all the circumstances are right for the possibility of an organ donation you will save human lives and suffering.

Lamingtons will be for sale in the North West Coast of Tasmania and will be baked next Saturday, to be sold primarily on Sunday at the Don Market. (10 October 2010).

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