Sunday, October 24, 2010


Day one was a good adventure. My first flat tyre and lots of rain! Physio Jim brought me to Sydney and there I met Cindy and Hans. Jim cycled with us till the town of Waterfall where he caught the train back to his car and three of us continued on to TopStay B&B in Stanwell Tops, 50kms from where we started that day.

Jim carried my panniers and Hans my tent. They both changed my tyre and all I had to do was cough and paddle. When Cindy spotted a great place to stay next to a MacDonalds and a bottleshop 10kms from Waterfall I was insistent on continuing to Waterfall. In Waterfall there was nothing at all and we were told to continue another 10kms in the rain to Helensburgh. There the man in the only hotel could not tell us if he had a room or whether the town had a taxi service or where there was any other accommodation. We found a wonderful B&B using the iPhone at 6pm. Luxury tonight at and Shelley there drove us to and from town for dinner with a smile!

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