Monday, October 18, 2010

Certified Achiever!

Wow, can you believe this, another award! I am so proud to get all this recognition! As far as I can see I have as much fun as my budget and health allow for, and am apparently spreading inspiration as I do so. Wonderful to see I do not go unnoticed and that people appreciate what I do for organ donation and CF Awarenes.

Unfortunately I could not afford to go to Hobart for the presentation of this certificate (would have cost me at least $300 to go to Hobart and stay somewhere and attend the function). I can go to Hobart for functions if I can combine it with a CF clinic, but that was not possible. Besides, we do not have a CF specialist in the Tasmanian CF clinic right now!

Other good news, I completed my third Burnie Ten! I did it in 1 hour and 24 minutes. Almost 15 minutes slower than last year, but I am still very happy to have done it again.

Back to packing the bicycle as I only have two more sleeps before I leave for Canberra to preparre the Dutch Sparta Bicycle and start my ride from Sydney to Melbourne!

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Kamir Yadav, MD said...

Coughing for cystic fibrosis is not anymore recommended. Over-breathing damages the lungs. New Treatment Options for CF suggests that smaller breathing is more beneficial.

Walter said...

Dr. Y is right, coughing is not a good way to clear lungs. I do most of my lung clearance every morning using special breathing techniques, using a flutter, nebulised saline and lots of huffing for 40 minutes. However, I still find myself coughing an enormous amount, especially when starting exercise. To stop the cough I could take more antibiotics but I also feel scared to build resistance against too many antibiotics and try not to overdo them. I also think moderate daily exercise is crucial to my health. In my normal daily life I have two 20-40 minutes of aerobic outdoor sessions per day. The coughing is and sounds terrible none the less, but I feel I need to exercise for my life... Hard choices.

Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Walter "Wally" "Gone Again" JJ van Praag, phew, you are not only a fantastic inspiration for those lucky enough to be loved and befriended by you, but a truly inspirational person for all people disabled or abled. I am fortunate enough to read many of the letters of thanks & appreciation from a very broad range of people, you are an icon. Go Wally, xxx from all of us in Tas.

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