Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ride preparations
Gosh, golly, miss Molly,... where do I stow all my gear! I have loads of gear lying on the floor of the study, ranging from medicine and portable nebuliser to cooking gear and clothing, tent and sleeping bag and everything in between. Thank you Creative Hum for helping me with some of these purchases!  It is all coming together, but how will it fit on the bike? Hans is towing a modest bicycle trailer (see pic) so he can maybe take a little of mine...

Maybe I need to get some front panniers of sorts. Still need to get a bicycle computer to log my all important distance. We want to avoid the highway as much as possible, which will be a challenge on my city bike. I presume at least half of the journey will be on dirt roads, and almost all days will be hilly.

Been on the Wii, been running, cycling and kayaking too as of yesterday! Legs are pretty tired, had cramp in thighs last night. Remind me to drink more water and take salt tablets. Next weekend is Burnie Ten! My aim is to run it in 1 hour, which is very wishful thinking. Miraculously did it in 1:10hr last year.

Hopefully I will not look like this!!
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