Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Today we went for a reconnaissance mission and walked to a famous Pagoda in District 3. Walking here in HoChiMin is an adrenaline fueled adventure. I keep on seeing me cycling in the traffic, en-route to Singapore in 2013. Cycling here is not for the faint of heart. Pollution levels don't appear to be too bad as my lungs are holding out nicely! The hotel noticed me
puffing, because I use the firestairs whenever I get the chance.

We notice a few cyclists in the traffic and poked our noses into a bikeshop or two. And a bakery and a huge high tech store,...

We checked out the War Remnants museum which was absolutely horrific for lack of better word. How can you make a vietnam war museum anything but horrendous. Ree left the premises teary eyed within 10 minutes, and I saw the Napalm section and left the building too :(. Lest we forget! Unbelievable that the USA was responsible for the atrocities. I am glad the world has changed, but not everyone has learned enough judging from what we still hear about in the media.


In the afternoon we met Long, the tour guru guide who looked after several friends of ours in the past. He will guide us tomorrow and help us formulate plans for the rest of our as yet unplanned journey.


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