Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shopping Heaven - cheap is expensive

Hoi An is known for it's lanterns and it's shoemakers and tailors. So on day one we went to check it out. Sure enough there were bargains galore. If you can get any shoe made in real leather, of any design or colour you fancy for $30-$40 then how can you sy no? Or for even less get your pants or shirt custom made out of kashmere silk... And you don't budget for these, you didn't need them, but they accept VISA.... so how can you resist.

Wherever you go people are selling you things. A bit of a drag, but hey for a few days it is ok.

We walked halfway to the beach along a road buzzing with mopeds and bicycles steered by locals and tourists alike. All with one hand on the horn! Even saw a 5 yr old cycling along!

When you get too hot you flag a cab and for a couple of dollars they bring you to your destination. Beer and water are both about a dollar a bottle. My Casio watch broke in time for me to buy a Rolex for $25. I better arrange something with my bank to cover this shopping spree!!

Anyways, how can we carry it all hone without crushing it or incurring excess luggage fees. We'll find out on Tuesday or Monday (not sure which flight yet as we are wait-listed. If we get stuck here we won't mind in the least.

As I prepared all my meds this evening it occurred to me I might have trouble carrying it all in Spain next year when I am planning to walk 800kms on the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. I'll be carrying everything in a backpack. Plus I got one blister just walking around shopping!!

One other thing. My Big Buddah CF belly is revered here! People call me Happy Buddah every time they see my belly or see me eat! Getting measured up was fun too.

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