Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Panic

At night I realized I had left the power cord for my nebulizer in Kuala Lumpur. Whoaps. It was 9pm on Sunday night and after the air travel I really needed it.

Because it is a standard cable I figured the hotel would have a similar cable somewhere. My google translate app came in handy, except when I explained it was for a medical instrument they put me on the back of a scooter and raced me to a pharmacy that was still open. Of course they had no power cable! The friendly hotel man calmly raced me through the frenetic traffic: Unbelievable how much traffic there is on a Sunday night. Loads of young men with gorgeous girls in terribly uncomfortable heels and tight shimmering little 'numbers'. Families, couples with babies... all racing around each other on mopeds and scooters. Some didn't wear a helmet, but the few pedestrians walking around trying to calmly cross really I'd need the helmets.

Anyways, we ended up arriving at a mobile phone shop. No cable there either. Back to hotel. Another Samaritan took over. I readjusted my little plastic skull cap and secured my thongs for the ride. This time visited the same phone shop again and finally to a camera store. A heap of the right cables, dusty and used ones, were lying in the display there. The shop girl still had to make excited phone-calls before selling one to me.

By the time I got back to my room I was glad to have a nebulizer working, but even more glad I survived the roller coaster ride.

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