Sunday, July 17, 2011

Transit at an Airport Hotel in KL

Had a wonderful flight with MAS - Malaysian Airlines. We sat right in the back of a Boeing 777 with 2 reserved seats behind us.

Plenty of food and drink, no need for nebulising en-route, but every time I dozed off I got a headache (breathing related). Being a daytime flight meant I stayed up and watched Harry Potter and read my book.

Only carrying hand luggage we arrived at the prebooked Concorde Airport Hotel. Hand luggage was FULL of medications for Ree and I, as our luggage was checked through (overnight) to Vietnam.

When Ree crawled into bed at 11pm she noticed huge disgusting stains on the sheets! Had to get sheets changed which took till midnight. Then my Nebs and it was 1am before I got to sleep. That was 3am Australian time - and so that was a long long day with the 6am start and 8hr flight....

Up at 6am for a proper saline treatment with my Flutter. Rushed down a bit of breaky from the extensive selection and caught provided transport back to KLIA for the final 2 hours to Ho Chi Min!

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Cat Drawings said...

Eeeuuuw Yuck. Glad you got it sorted.

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