Thursday, February 13, 2020

STEP 1 - Leaving for Canberra

Today is the day!

Cindy and I are flying to Canberra on Frequent flyer points and I have relatives and friends there. Two nights in Canberra will ensure I have everything with me that I need. Currently, my luggage weighs 28kg, most of which is medical equipment and medicine. My nebuliser, my oxygen concentrator (the red bag), and enough medicine to see me through 6 weeks, just in case we need to be quarantined for 2019-nCoV - the Corona Virus. Cindy hasn't got that much so we can even out the suitcases at some point.

In Canberra, I will find out what I have forgotten... Hopefully nothing. I have made lists and been methodical and careful, just like the other 20 times when I did forget things. There will be a day in Canberra to sort out any issues.

Next stop will be AbuDhabi, via Melbourne. There we plan to catch our breath for 2 nights at a complimentary free stopover hotel before flying to Amsterdam, Two nights with my cousin Mike there making sure I am healthy and have no flu symptoms before flying to Poland where the work begins! It seems a silly way to do it but when you have fickle lungs it is the safest way to go I think, and as it happened with Etihad it was also a most affordable option from Canberra, and don't forget we are doing this on a shoestring budget!

Just a reminder, I am paying my own airfares and treatment costs if applicable, and fundraising documentary funds I use to help subsidise Cindy and incidentals and travel for the documentary and then on our return, we need the big bucks ($10-30k to get professionals to help us assemble the documentary from our clips and recordings. Please help us make the documentary and tell the world about our investigation into Bacteriophages to help fight antibiotic-resistant infections!

And STOP PRESS listen to this informative easy to understand podcast to understand Phages.

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