Sunday, December 29, 2019

Just do it!

Well, it has come to this. I really will just go with a friend and go in search of Bacteriophages and film the experience and see who we meet along the way. February 2020 (whoops, I had incorrectly typed 2019 before) seems a good time!

All my efforts trying to organise a planned visit/treatment have been in vain, so I will invite one of my besties to come along with me and fly to Europe in search of a cure.

The reason it is difficult is that there are many people desperate to try phage therapy and the three most famous centres of phage research and treatment are overwhelmed with requests from foreign patients. The world is not short of sick people affected by antibiotic-resistant infections, which is exactly why the World  Health Organisation is so concerned about it;

I would have thought myself to be a perfect patient for scientists and doctors wishing to treat people with antibiotic-resistant infections. I am relatively healthy, mobile, have an infection that is easily accessible (through inhalation), easily monitored, and am not likely to die overnight from my infection and have a good chance of returning for follow up treatment or testing. Plus I am guaranteed to culture other antibiotic-resistant infections regularly over time giving treatment centres a reliable guinea pig that is known to them which surely has its advantages. But, there are many people in the world with Cystic Fibrosis like me.

Why do I still want to go with no guarantee for treatment? I will film and document my search for treatment and on my return discuss with doctors and scientists and prepare footage and material for the documentary.  What's in it for me? I want phage therapy to be available to me just like medicinal marihuana, and raising awareness about it is very important. Even if I were to be successfully treated there is a great chance I will be reinfected with the same or other strains of antibiotic-resistant lung infection within months. Hopefully, the next infection I get can be treated more effectively with standard antibiotic treatment. What makes me survive this hardy strain of pseudomonas aeruginosa is my alternative health supplements like Indrepta C: which helps me tremendously, and my adherence to what I believe to be a healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle.

To cut the costs down I think it is best to just do the simplest thing, and that is to fly to Wroclaw in Poland, see how phages are used in practice by visiting a  few pharmacies, maybe see a doctor, and visit the Ludwik Hirszfeld institute, and then travel by rental car to Krakow in Poland where due to the enormous demand for phage therapy the L.Hirszfeld Institute recently opened an experimental phage therapy branch as well. Next stop is Brussels where phage therapy has been legally allowed as a treatment option where I will visit a doctor and seek help for my current infection and try visit the Queen Astrid Military Hospital where the national phage library is maintained.

On my return, I will discuss my findings with doctors and relevant scientists and doctors at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Monash University and the University of Tasmania. Then I will seek professional help in putting the documentary together!

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