Monday, May 13, 2013

Way of CF update

September 2013 is World CF Day! The Way of CF is listed as an endorsed event: <click here>

Congratulations to Karina Deans who has purchased her airfares to Europe already and is definitly on our team now! To date we have Walter van Praag from Devonport, Karina from Adelaide, Rebecca from Devonport and Kathleen from Penguin comitted to hiking the whole Way of CF pilgrimage. We also have John from Devonport, Andrew from PNG, and Mark from Adelaide all doing a part of the walk. Ivor from Launceston is still negotiating leave with his employer to come along as well! We have a good team shaping up.

Walter is working hard on finding a major sponsor for the Way of CF team.  A major sponsor who wishes to be represented on our website, social media, mentioned in press releases, and be associated with raising inspiration for people with disabilities, spreading awareness for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and Organ Donation, and best of all feature prominently on our postcards! The postcards will be given to all pilgrims en-route that we run into. The postcards will have space for them to write on and mail to their friends and relatives all through the world.

In return we hope to gain financial support to help to finance a support vehicle for the team (very likely in the form of a taxi budget as a rental car will be too expenisve) and help us afford good accomdoation and food on rest days for Walter to regain his health each week. The team is primarilly self funded and that includes airfare, daily meals and most accomodation! The funding we require is to fund morale boosting meals and rest days in comfortable acommodation in return for volunteering as a team member helping promote Cystic Fibrosis, helping with logistics, solving problems, health issues etc.

Currently we are proposing the following time schedule/route starting on 14 September:

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