Saturday, April 27, 2013

These shoes are made for walking

Choosing shoes for an 800km hike is difficult. I've had great experience with Merrell shoes in the past, and my previous light hiker brands had pretty much all disappointed me. I was going to take my existing Raichles, but the sole started separating on my last hike (see hike below)!  My old Merrells had lasted so long that I really wanted them again, complete with the Vibram sole and Gore-tex lining so I got them again despite the price. Mom bought them for me! Thank you mom, you're my first sponsor!

Shoes to take...

Hiking 800kms with a backpack, meaning you carry it all on your back, means you can't take 5 pairs of shoes. I really like to take my Vibram Five Finger barefoot runners, and have heard people do hike with them. They are very light and small and I can probably carry them regardless. My experience with them is great, walking through the bush on fire-trails, up and down,... but not with a backpack! I know they aren't comfy when it is cold and wet. So if I am wearing them I would have to carry my light hikers in my backpack, meaning I can't have too heavy/bulky shoes. These Merrells above fit the bill!

For after walking I am pretty sure I'll take my imitation Crocs from Rivers or my thongs, we'll see. Probably the thongs. That would make three pairs of shoes... I also seriously thought about my Chaco sandals (with Vibram soles!) which were awesome, but totally worn after 5+ years of wearing, including riding 5000kms from Vietnam to Singapore last year. They are not cheap, and they are not light.

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