Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yes it is POZIBLE!

Pozible is the crowdsourcing solution we choose to use for obtaining our sponsorship. This is a first for us! Let's hope it works.

In the past I created media packs and sent them out to hunderds of possible sponsors. This was extremely expensive and inefficient. Then we moved to emailing hundreds of organisations to find suitable sponsorship, but this time we are trying out crowd sourching!!

If your company is sympathetic to Cystic Fibrosis, to Organ Donation or plainly interested in sponsoring Inspirational events, check out:

We aim to raise a minimum of $5000 this way which will help us a great deal. To date we have a team of perhaps as big as 10 members. This is a lot of people distributing postcards and helping me. $5000 will go a long way towards helpiung out with expedition expenses such as transport and meal and hotel subsidies (I need hotel nights for my health and feel bad if we cannot at least subsidise the team occasionally!). Normal acomodation along the way is in Alberques but they aren't always an option for a coughing person with CF who needs two hours of therapy.
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