Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking for Bikes!

Electric Bike PiCycle LTD by Pi Mobility

The story so far... We had intended to buy electric bikes in Vietnam as they are very affordable there, but now that my own cheap electric home made bicycle ran into trouble; my home-made electric bike did not like a ride in the Tasmanian rain.  Cycling through tropical weather such as monsoonal rains and hot temperatures will certainly be quite a test for any electric bike.

A Vietnames cycle-tour specialists advised me that you get what you pay for in Vietnam and that it is generally recommended that anyone touring Asia bring their own bikes.

For Paris to Istanbul we put Batavus to the test, who donated 5 bicycles to us. The bikes performed fantastic! The brand got plenty of international coverage in relation to Cystic Fibrosis. And as a result of that ride I was awarded an Order of Australia Medal, was featured in Australian Cyclist , and received plenty of press including CNN coverage (plus showcased by iCNN)!

We are now looking for a manufacturer that would like us to take their ELECTRIC BICYCLES and prove to the world that Electric Assisted Bicycles are here to stay!  Being an Ambassador for Cystic Fibrosis in Australia I believe that with my experience we must surely find a manufacturer willing to jump aboard!

I will keep you posted! Contact  if you can help!


Batavus has won innovation prizes with their electric bike designs, and Giant has entered the market too, lets keep fingers crossed one of these great manufacturers will come to the rescue! Let's hope electric bikes become more popular as they sure make life more fun, easy and green!! Think about it as a permanent tailwind build into your bicycle, no more uphill battles,... perfect!

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