Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Looking for team members!

We had a few drop-outs due to medical conditions (back operation for one and worse for another) and are looking for new adventurous people to join us. It is a lot of fun and no serious fitness is required. Love of adventure and willingness to come along and help is all that is required. Leaving Vietnam on September 1 is coming up soon. We will ride for two months on electrically assisted bicycles. You can come along for shorter legs too!  Some of the team will transport (support vehicle, hire-car, taxi, whatever) luggage to the next destination for the day and the rest of the team rides.  This means people can take breaks, relax, sight-see,... My last major expedition like this was Paris to Istanbul and we all had a ball. You can read about it right from the start here: http://vanpraag.info/blog/

We do have a lot of tentatives, here are some of the possible team: Journo and Editor Heather Lee (from the Paris to Istanbul ride) may be bribed into coming, Alastair Taylor, illustrator from the Perth Hills is committed to the cause, hair-dresser and utility worker on off-shore riggs Cindy Brazendale (from Paris to Istanbul, Sydney to Melbourne and the Mount Kinabalu expedition fame) is doing her best to come too. Then we have a Mark and Karina from Adelaide, Rebecca from www.dhash.com and a few other possible friends such as Jeanette from Nature Direct in Melbourne who hopes to join us for a section! Hopefully we will average a team of 5 the entire way, which means 3-4 bikes on the road each day. Perfect.

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