Thursday, March 29, 2012

DRAW CF - fundraising with a difference

Cystic Fibrosis is a debilitating and progressive fatal genetic condition, and we are not easily identified. We are perceived as fairly healthy till we need oxygen. After all, we only have a bad cough and take lots of pills.

Thinking of a new different kind of private friend circle home-based fund-raiser, one that shows off our CF bodies, complete with distended bellies, clubbed fingernails, we came up with this concept:
Open the night with some fine food and champagne, then learn the basics of sketching the male form with help from our experienced instructors, plus an actual live male model!
I wonder if this is realistic, and if people with CF would model for the cause. After all it is not a naked fire-men calendar, where you hang in all your glory in peoples homes for at least a year.... and a bit. It certainly would raise some eyebrows and do wonders for CF Awareness.

All the usual fundraiser conditions, 50/50, half to CF Tasmania and half to the expedition costs (mainly financing a support vehicle for medicine etc). If you are interested in hosting a party to support CF Tasmania and the Vietnam to Singapore expedition email Walter:

And donated drawings can be auctioned off on eBay!

This is not me :(

Just imagine it.

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