Saturday, April 18, 2020

We are Back

We are back, and completed 2 weeks of self isolation and even got tested for COVID-19!

As you may have noticed we left just prior to the COVID-19 emergency and returned in the midst of a world shut down. This did not make it easy for us to visit medical facilities and talk to people, however, we have some footage to show you and and have found out some remarkable information. I did not go to Europe to seek Phage Therapy treatment. But I was hoping to maybe get an offer, but that did not happen. But many people will benefit from what Cindy and I have found out. We had hoped to make a documentary, but we still have too little funding for a professional exercise, though we have enough good material to open up many eyes. I need to work on my video editing skills now and I say WATCH THIS SPACE (for a video in a few months). There is a full trip review coming up, but for now my conclusion is that;

Phage Therapy of the kind 

I need Individual Phage Therapy, the miracles of which we see in the media, documentaries and many credible sources, is surprisingly not what we all need right now. We need over the counter cheap phage-based medicine for general illness, for everyone. This will act as a filter to reduce doctor visits and antibiotic usage by what I conservatively believe would be a minimum of 50%. Though phage therapy on an individual level is ground-breaking and life-saving for those with hardy antibiotic resistant bacterial infections, it is not something that we can feasibly do in the near future. and we can start with using what is currently commercially manufactured and easily obtainable in some countries and allow that into Australia. Read on!

Medical tourism 

To have phage therapy for those difficult to fight antibiotic resistant infections (YES, we can treat them better than ever using bacteriophages), we would need phage libraries and phage labs. For that to happen in Australia not only do we need a legal framework in place to allow it, but we must then educate doctors, pharmacists, set up laboratories etc. This is expensive and time consuming - though significantly cheaper (and much more effective!) than developing new drugs. It is therefore unlikely that in the next decade this will become a common treatment for everyone. Even in Belgium, Poland, Georgia and Ukraine where phage therapy is allowed, the existing underfunded phage facilities only treat the most urgent cases. Or, for those who wish to just pay for it, just like any medical tourism anywhere, you can fly to Poland for phage therapy tailored to your infection for a few thousand dollars. Would you fly to Poland when you are so sick that western-based medicine is giving up on you? Probably not.

Reduce Antibiotic Overuse 

Do we want to fight antibiotic resistance now? Absolutely. What do we do when we get sick now? We go to the doctor and for anything bacterial we immediately get antibiotics prescribed. How about we go to the pharmacy first, skip the doctor and buy a medication that does not have any claims, except to say it is for prevention or treatment of various conditions, belly aches, coughs, sore throat, pain peeing, anything involving a handful of bacteria harmful to humans - the kind of bacteria you see mentioned on disinfectant or mouth gargle - and you see a doctor if the condition persists. You buy it for say $19.95 and try it. You can put the tablet under your tongue, or the solution on your skin, in your mouth, wound, apply it any way you wish, and the packaging claims it will not generally interfere with any other medications, no known side effects, no overdosing. Would you try that first? This is how phages are marketed where it is legal.

Consult a Doctor when pain persists 

What do we currently try before going to the doctor? We use painkillers and other medicine that mask the symptoms, like aspirin, Disprin, Tylenol, Paracetamol, antihistamines. But they do not stop the problem, they just help ease discomfort while your body heals naturally. All these over-the-counter potions have side effects, can be toxic, and none cure us. They all carry overdose warnings, contraindications, cannot be combined with certain medicine.

Let’s say half of us are cured with a simple over-the-counter phage medicine. Would that not free up doctors? Would that not prevent overuse of antibiotics? Yes it would. And that is how over-the-counter phage products are mainly used in countries where they are allowed to sell them. Some of these are even produced in Germany or Canada, many made in Georgia (the Eliava Institute there supplied all of the former USSR with phage medications), all are made in modern facilities, they all say much the same, with the most relevant warning being ‘do not use if solutions looks turbid’ and keep refrigerated. They come with inserts and are well documented and commonly used by millions of people already.

When can we have over-the-counter Phage medicine? 

We need to allow over-the-counter phage medicine. If you look at some of the useful links at the end of this paper, notice how Phage sprays on ready-to-eat foods doesn’t even effect their organic/biological classification in the USA, Australia and many western countries! These are the phages we are talking about for us! If they are approved for agriculture, aquaculture, food processing and packaging, even for spraying on ready to eat food in our western world why can we not have them ourselves? As soon as the TGA decides it is allowed we could be having these very important bacteriophages available at our pharmacies. Right now, we can get them mailed totally legally from overseas. They are not even on the poisons schedule. See this example

NOW I NEED TO WORK ON THE FULL REPORT AND ADD VIDEO CLIPS ETC... This is not easy for me, but working on it! Watch this space!

And YES, I have been trialing the phages O brought back and just yesterday had my lung function test and a sputum culture taken. The lung function test showed one of the highest lung function results I have seen for years, so I am super happy. Let's see what the lab says about my cultures. Obviously the phage meds were not specifically designed for my bacteria, so I do not expect eradication of anything. As with a 2 week hospitalization, the treatments that make me deaf and poison my system also don't eradicate the infection either!

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