Friday, May 31, 2019

If you have anything to do with Microbiology in Australia you would have seen the March edition of Microbiology Australia, a CSIRO publication. They have dedicated their entire quarterly magazine to Bacteriophages!

Have a read if you are interested!

Too much for most people to read, but I will refer to its content over the next few weeks on my Facebook page and on the blog

One paragraph from the Microbiology Australia magazine;
Phages are natural organisms, arguably the most abundant life-form on Earth. They have evolved closely and dynamically with their bacterial host and are therefore specific and effective in selectively eliminating their target. They have a low environmental impact and have shown to have no serious side effects on bystander microorganisms. They are self-replicating in the presence of their target, facilitating dosing regimens, and have been successfully employed to treat even MDR infections, Only recently (2006) the FDA has recognised the designation of phages as ‘generally regarded as safe’, allowing for the use of phage in clinical practice and opening the road towards the implementation of bona fide clinical trials.
Complete article here:

We now have an incredible film producer tentatively working with me ( to make the documentary a reality, but I do need more finance to help make this a reality. Once we have a finite date with Yale I will engage the media and hopefully, we can then reach our goal! In the meantime keep on drumming up interested parties, and ask your friends to support with small donations so they can stay up to date with progress and experience phage therapy through my journey!

REMEMBER WE NEED $$$ TO MAKE THIS DOCUMENTARY of my treatment so that other people learn about Bacteriophages and recognise their potential in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infections. PHAGE or FAIL. I invite you to be part of this revolution and donate :)  In return, you will get regular updates about my journey/lesson and you will get to see the 15-minute documentary once completed!  CLICK HERE:

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