Thursday, February 7, 2019

Holiday Fund???

Come on people, this is not a fundraiser for me to finance treatment or have a holiday. Just thought I would be clear on this. I am mostly self-funded, always have been. I have done a lot of fundraising, and usually funds go directly to CF Associations etc and never into my bank accounts, but even so people were still regularly accusing me of asking them to fund my holidays. This is a big downer for me and makes me upset.

This time I want people to know about phage therapy and want to make a small documentary and publicise my experience because I feel this is something we need to know about. All of us, not just people with Cystic Fibrosis. It costs oodles of money to make a documentary (smallest budget is $1000/minute for a ! This is just a small start to see if there is interest!

I shared my CrowdFunding campaign on just one CF Facebook group and had some bad reactions. I am not going to post it on any other CF sites because I have spent hours and hours replying to negative misinformed damaging comments. Other people can share it if they like, but I will not subject myself to shitty comments like 'how dare you ask people with CF for money'. I am trying to help all of us, I am asking for a nominal sum of a $1 or anything to add your name to the list. A small investment in something that will one day add 10 years to your lives!

The world needs to know about Phage Therapy! My CF team in Australis has no idea about it. It is not widely known about, and is sometimes used (successfully!!!) as a last resort when it is almost too late for any cure! Read about Tom Patterson, PhD, a 69-year-old professor in the Department of Psychiatry who was saved from his deathbed. Just one example where Phage Therapy saved a life.

Another comment I fond on my post to the CF group was 'Pharmaceutical companies don't invest in it because it obviously doesn't work'.  How about Fluimicil, a mucolytic available in Europe and Asia for the past 40+ years is still not in Australia. Why not? Because it is not worth the investment for the pharmaceutical companies; 'It is available as a generic medication and is inexpensive'. Does it work for people? Absolutely, and finally, 40 years since it was given to me in Holland where I was born, people are starting to see the benefits of oral acetylcysteine. This took 40 years and still it is almost unobtainable in Australia. It is a money game. Why did we ditch electrics in the 1950s? Because oil made oodles of money. We are slowly trying to get back to electrics as the world changes its opinion on fossil fuels, even though it is way too late and we have almost 'missed the bus' on climate change.

Open your eyes people, open your eyes!! I am doing this to help people with Cystic Fibrosis and others with antibiotic-resistant infections, and I am scared to post this on CF forums!! Please spread my Crowdfunding campaign or this website and donate a dollar or more so you are on the list and kept up to date with the 'updates' that people that donate get in their email.


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