Sunday, May 6, 2012

Looking for Support

Dear Business Owner,

We are sure you have heard of Walter van Praag's Epic bicycle ride from Paris to Istanbul for Cystic Fibrosis in 2007. Well, he is at it again, and he needs your support!

From 65Roses day (25 May) till departure date (25 August) Walter will be receiving national press for his upcoming Vietnam to Singapore bicycle ride. Walter van Praag with his team will cycle 5000 kilometres through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The team will be riding Aseako electric assist bicycles, which have a 200Watt electric motor and a battery which will help provide a virtual 'tail-wind' for 30-50km per charge. Cycling 5000 kms will be a great test for a person with Cystic Fibrosis, operating on half normal lung function, with insulin dependent diabetes and pancreatic deficiency to name just a few of the issues associated with Cystic Fibrosis.

Will the 200 Watt (two light-bulbs) electric motor make all the difference? Walter is not adverse to a challenge, and if ever he had one, finding power-points might just be his main challenge this time around. 

Here is your chance to support Walter with his mission! Just donate $50 and be included on his sponsor web page with your company name and a website link. All sponsors who donate $2000 towards the 2 months ride will be considered a major sponsor and receive mentions during press and publicity events and be prominently mentioned on the website and publicity. Commercial sponsors who donate $5000 will be mentioned in radio interviews, TV interviews and will be acknowledged in all related press statements. 

There will be a public send off from the Devonport airport on 25 August as he flies out. To donate visit or email

Rosemaree Loane
PR for Coughing4cf 50% of money collected through FundraZR (below) I pledge to donate to CF Associations at end of ride! Give

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