Sunday, April 19, 2015

April 19, 2015 at 08:32PM

Interesting things you see along the Bibbulmun. You won't see all the pics on the blog and you won't read all our stories just on Facebook... As internet is scarce we can prepare blog entries when off line but not post to facebook :)

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April 19, 2015 at 07:57PM

April 19, 2015 at 01:03PM

Walking the Bibbulmun. Some photos taken from Denmark to Williams Bay. 16.1kms seemed a big day! Bigger days ahead...

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Back on the Bib

This morning we reluctantly left the caravan with fully stuffed packs. We discarded items we didn't use and brought things we thought might cone in handy. A shopping day yielded us ample stock cubes for hot drinks. Beef, chicken and vegetable stock - none apparently contain meat!

First challenge for today  was the 300m Mount Halliwell (?) After which it all looked relatively flat. It wasn't really and lots was on sandy tracks.

At lunch, on a bench near a public beach access, we ran into Ann, a cyclist heading towards Adelaide and a few other nice people just enjoying the day. Wild seas (5m apparently, and we later heard two fisherman drowned after getting swept off rocks :( ).  Smashing white foam over the rocks and beaches prompted the older male to say he wished he'd brought his surfboard. I'd die in there for sure lol.

Very weary we showed up at the Williams Bay hut which we found full! A ten year old was celebrating his birthday there, a group of four mums and four kids. Also just arrived and exhausted were John and Bruce, 68 and 73 yrs old no less!
The party had driven in some supplies including booze and cake and had walked in from a nearby access point... We were kindly  offered some food and cake. 

Somehow I don't think we'll be asleep at 7am tonight... Ree's dehydrated beef stroganoff still tasted delicious with the instant mashed potatoes, sitting on the outside bench.

One of my meds leaked... Not sure which one, but it made a bit of a mess. Anyways, better go do my neb session with my book squashed in our little place in the hut.

NB camp was perfectly quiet after 8pm! Kids on best behavior :)

Friday, April 17, 2015

Help needed between Peaceful Bay and Wallpole

HELP NEEDED: We need someone to pick up the car/caravan from Peaceful Bay Caravan Park and drive it to Wallpole some time between Tuesday 21st April 2015 and Friday 24 April. If you know anyone able to help out please text Walter on 0417067460 :)

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Support Eleanor on our Everyday Hero Page

Eleanor is flying in from Brisbane next Monday to walk some of the Bibbulmun with us. She is much fitter than Marilyn and myself so she may not stick with us the entire week, but she is coming and even relocating the caravan for us.  This is what Eleanor wrote on her everyday hero page, please support her!
Walter is an amazing person. You just have to meet him to know what I mean. And it's not only because of his fundraising efforts for CF including riding from Paris to Istanbul (2007), climbing a mountain in Borneo (2010), riding an electric bike from Vietnam to Singapore (2012), walking the El Camino in Spain (2013) and now riding and hiking from Melbourne to Perth... It's because, well, his attitude to life really.
The Walter I know is humble, optimistic, ballsy, curious, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants organised, will make you laugh 'til you cry funny, lover of love and is always finding himself in crazy stupid laughable situations. He has good days and bad days but is thankful for every day he's got.
So I'm helping Walter spread his 'Walter-ego' attitude and raise CF and organ donor awareness as he traverses across our continent with less than half the lung capacity as myself.
So if you can spare a buck or two or three or twenty and donate to Cystic Fibrosis Tasmania (Walter lives there) it will go a long way in the hearts of every person living with CF, and especially our Wally.
DONATE TO Cystic Fibrosis VIA ELEANOR's Coughing4CF page;

Boston Brewery in Denmark treat

Boston Brewery sounded fantastic and our weary eyes just read 3.5km towards town.... After walking 5km into dark forests along a bike path we ran a cab for the next 13kms or so. We had misread the sign.. But we had great pizza and beers before cabbing it back.

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wilson's Inlet and the Seasonal Sandbar to Denmark

We completed the first stage to Denmark! Leaving Nullaki hut this morning I was feeling strong and led us at 5kmphr towards and along the Wilson inlet. This is a private wilderness apparently, fenced in even! We passed a few exclusive wilderness homes and eventually came to a mini Bib hut where we expected to find info on the seasonal sandbar we had to cross to get to Denmark.

Apparently the Bibbulmun officially breaks at the inlet and you resume on the other side. On many occasions in huts and online we were offered phone numbers of expensive ferries and taxis but there was always a vague mention of a seasonal sandbar you could walk or wade across. However the info was always vague, even on the maps. Often we read you had to call CALM (?) or contact Parks and Wildlife with no phone numbers mentioned. In Albany we had met with a ranger and him nor his office could really help us re sandbar nor fire affected areas.

We were determined to walk the sandbar and read we would find more info in the huts as we came nearer. This last hut again had no info except to warn about danger of crossing when under water. I made an attempt to find CALM on the internet and called a random number that Google brought up. The lady was affiliated with some closely related cause and advised us it was 'closed' - meaning closed to boats and hence walkable.

We walked on following the Bibbulmun waugi signs and stopped at a weekend shack where we had Marilyn's rehydrated curried pumpkin soup. According to instructions we had found we took a little road after we were re-energised and followed it till it came to an unexpected fork. We took the main track ... It petered out into a walking track and then got us stuck into thick bush. The GPS showed we were right on track to the crossing point but we couldn't penetrate the bush.

Marilyn discovered a scraping branch had ripped her car/caravan keys out off and off her pack. They were gone (not mission critical fortunately). Using the GPS we retraced our steps back to the fork and only then noticed the remains of someone's attempt at putting an arrow down in sticks.

We followed the correct track till that too petered out into marsh and tall grasses. Bib signs had stopped. Managing to follow human trails for another kilometer or two we navigated to the seasonal sandbar. We seriously tried very hard to tread on snakes but we saw none. Lots of bird life! Cornarands, pelicans, ibisis and swans,...

At the sandbar we saw people splashing in the shallow water of the Wilson Inlet, a boat with people fishing, civilization! The sandbar was hundreds of meters wide and only because it was a shortcut to the campground and refreshing as well we choose to wade across the inlet. It was about 3pm. Most impressed to find our caravan there we headed for showers and decided to treat ourselves to dinner in town. We walked 21kms and averaged 4.8kmphr. It was mostly flat :) Restday coming up!

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