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Saturday, February 28, 2015

PowerCom Solar!

Welcome on board to PowerCom Solar who have kindly provided our support vehicle caravan with Solar Panels and some associated wizardry to give us power on the road. The electricians will be fitting it to the van next week, watch out for photos on our facebook page:

If people like to help us pay for team expenses, such as fitting the solar equipment, preparing the caravan, the Spot emergency device, the ferry crossing or anything please donate to:

And we are also starting to collect for Cystic Fibrosis now that we are getting on the road:


We are ever so pleased to have received Sign Writing from Graham at Cam River Signs. Below is the proposed sign-writing. We hope the rear of the caravan which says Keeping up with Wally intrigues people and gets them to find out more.

Getting the caravan on the ferry to Melbourne, and to pay for fuel for the support vehicle  are expenses we like to spare the self funded team from having to pay for. If you like to donate a few dollars towards those costs please do so here:

Burnie Print Posters

Look! Leonie made us a proper poster! We'll make sure they go on noticeboards along the way :) Feel free to print one out and promote our Cystic Fibrosis cause at your workplace. Remember we are starting our fundraising now: We hope to raise $10k during the ride and $10k during the hike:

If you like to help cover the team's expense, of which we have $$$ kindly support us here:

Printing of business cards and posters provided free of charge by Burnie Print!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Team Expenses Mounting

Look, we have an image. This car magnet is temporarily put on my car but will find its home on Eric and Marilyn's car as that will be the official Support Vehicle - or as my phone spell check keeps on insisting Sorry Vehicle (!). It will look fetching with our matching new team T-shirts!

We now also have a  Spot 3Gen device and will need to activate that shortly and test-ride it. It is an emergency device that will show our location on our website but also allow us to send emergency distress calls. It is satellite based, not phone coverage dependent! It does cost over $200 to operate, another important team expense.

Andrew from Global Technology is lending us a professional GPS handheld navigator and is programming all the POIs and routes into it, so we can be assured to find every powerpoint hidden behind any saltbush and not get lost. In Asia, cycling from Hanoi to Singapore this expensive toy was invaluable, and from Paris to Istanbul we could not have done without one either!

If you like to sponsor the team in return for some good media/publicity, just make a team donation or donate to CF please do so. We have ample expenses to go, currently have spend over $2k already and we haven't left the state yet! Once we are on the road we expect to raise $20k for CF, but right now we need to get our act together and need your help :)

A Super Thank you to ProElectric for Sponsoring us with three electric bikes!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Please spread the word

Do you know of anyone who would like to support the team??? Here is your chance:

Friday, January 16, 2015

Support the team, help us keep up with Wally!

Would you like to help support us with the expense of our support vehicle? Fuel or ferry across the Tasman? Support the team with a group meal or just like to have your logo on the vehicle? Lots of options. Check out our Chuffed Project:

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Support Vehicle!!

Tadaah, here she is:

This is the vehicle and caravan grateful provided by Eric and Marilyn for us to use on the entire adventure! The bicycle riders can comfortably sleep in this van and we can cook inside it if we need to. Ample space too!

For the hike/Bibbulmun part in WA we may need to find volunteers to drive the support vehicle up from one access point to the next... If you think you can help and live in that direction.... do get in touch: !

The previous adventure!

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