Saturday, January 31, 2015

Team Expenses Mounting

Look, we have an image. This car magnet is temporarily put on my car but will find its home on Eric and Marilyn's car as that will be the official Support Vehicle - or as my phone spell check keeps on insisting Sorry Vehicle (!). It will look fetching with our matching new team T-shirts!

We now also have a  Spot 3Gen device and will need to activate that shortly and test-ride it. It is an emergency device that will show our location on our website but also allow us to send emergency distress calls. It is satellite based, not phone coverage dependent! It does cost over $200 to operate, another important team expense.

Andrew from Global Technology is lending us a professional GPS handheld navigator and is programming all the POIs and routes into it, so we can be assured to find every powerpoint hidden behind any saltbush and not get lost. In Asia, cycling from Hanoi to Singapore this expensive toy was invaluable, and from Paris to Istanbul we could not have done without one either!

If you like to sponsor the team in return for some good media/publicity, just make a team donation or donate to CF please do so. We have ample expenses to go, currently have spend over $2k already and we haven't left the state yet! Once we are on the road we expect to raise $20k for CF, but right now we need to get our act together and need your help :)

A Super Thank you to ProElectric for Sponsoring us with three electric bikes!

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