Sunday, December 28, 2014

Welcoming Leonie to the ride!

Leonie is joining us for the ride across the Nullarbor! She thought about it for a while and figured she couldn't do it, but now she has come round and so far committed to coming from Devonport to Adelaide! Welcome aboard :)

To date the full-time team of cyclists (who will take turns driving the support vehicle when they fall over) consists of all Tasmanian Hash House Harriers: TripleTop (Jo) and Swordy (Marilyn) and GoneAgain (me). Then we have Thrust (Cindy) and  Eweturn (Leonie) going from Devonport to Adelaide and Karina from Adelaide to Albany. We still need one rider to join us for the entire way.

We are still looking for a major sponsor to help us pay for Team Expenses, ranging from the Spirit of Tasmania to get the support vehicle shipped from Devonport to Melbourne and back and to help pay for some other team expenses. In return we will provide some national press coverage, and will carry the sponsor's message across Australia. The sponsors will also be featuring on a book and the blog of course :)

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