Friday, August 5, 2011

Hoa Lu

Another step closer to home... The last day in Sapa I went on a Geocache Hunt, and found a treasure only 280 meters across from the hotel, but about 300m up the hill. Provided for some more exercise and took Ree and I to some great sights.

The night train home was uneventful apart from a dig sized cockroach, and we were glad to be back in Hanoi at the schwanky Rising Dragon Palace at about 5am yesterday morning.

I thought it was time to check the local pharmacy for insulin (Lantus) and sure enough the pharmacy my iPhone took me to had it in the fridge! Cheap too. I also bought some antibiotics that I was running low on! All without prescription of course, and all exactly the same packaging as what I get in Australia. Amazing.

Today we took a day trip to the ancient Vietnamese capital of Hoa Lu. The tour was poorly run but totally unique. It included an hour of cycling on the worst ever maintained bikes and an amazing row boat ride for about two hours through rice paddies and spectacular mountains. Mountain goats on the cliffs and going though caves, and rowing was done Vietnamese style with the feet!

My 8GB chip is almost full!!

Health holding out. For the life of me I cannot find any more saline sachets for nebulising and am using ventolin instead. I also apparently missed a CF clinic appointment in Devonport today :( Can't believe I stuffed that up.

Anyways, off to HoChiMinh City tomorrow with Vietnam Airlines and the day after back to Australia with Malaysian Airlines and Qantas.

So this may well be my last blog as I'll be busy eating and flying and trying to fit in my last massages!

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