Friday, July 9, 2010


Boy oh boy! I struggled
And struggled up that height! Had to stop for 5 minutes every few steps to get my oxygen levels up a bit. Once I got to the ridge line the guide did not let me struggle to the highest point, which i think was sensible. I was also not able to do the via ferrata descent as I had missed the briefing the previous afternoon (the grueling climb to the base camp hut the previous day took me 7 hours and so i had arrived too late for the safety briefing). Again this was a blessing as I was suffering severely at the altitude!! Most of us bad headaches and nausea and feeling dreadful!

After a 2am start of the day I arrived exhausted back at basecamp around 730pm. Quick nap and breakfast and we made our way down the mountain to the bus. We got there about 4pm, and I did get my certificate for climbing the mountain!

Thank you all for thinking of me throughout this mission, and thanks for donating to CF Tasmania on my behalf!


Tight Spot said...

We are so proud of you GA!!! TSx

Tight Spot said...

We are so proud of you GA!!! TSx

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