Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Altitude Simulation

Yesterday at the Royal Hobart Hospital I visited the Adult CF Clinic where they did a pre-Borneo medical. I was put through a high altitude simulation test (HAST*) to see if they would let me climb to 4095 meters without supplemental Oxygen. The verdict will come out soon, but I trust they will let me. My lung function was about 48% of expected FEV1 which to me is definitely good considering I have been as low as 38% in the past.

Today I visited with a Member of Parliament, Secretary to Cabinet, Cassy O’Connor Cassey O'Connor, got photos taken by the Mercury on Mount Nelson and visited the temporary CF Art Gallery! I ran with the Hobart Hash and spoke to fellow climbers as well! We are all on Track. Borneo here we come!

And if you think climbing Mount Kinabalu is challenging, why not have a quick look at what Leanne Harper is planning in October: Mount Kilimanjaro 5896m... After you donated to CF Tasmania on my behalf you may visit her site!

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* HAST, also known as 'hypoxia altitude simulation test' is a simple approach to determine whether people with respiratory disease can travel by air without risk or need for oxygen supplementation. In my case they use it to assess the potential risk of climbing over 4000 meters. Although not designed for exercise at altitude, HAST still gives the doctors a good indication of how I might cope with the climb up Mount Kinabalu!.

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