Friday, May 21, 2010

65 Roses Day

65 Roses day, Friday 28 May, will soon be upon us. 65 Roses day is the National Cystic Fibrosis Day, and time to give generously to the many collectors you should see in town - wherever you are. Monies raised go to the state CF Associations and directly benefits people with CF in your state. I can personally vouch for their incredible support!

I will be talking to Rosny College in Hobart on Thursday, and in the Rooke Street Mall in Devonport on Friday 11am-2pm and again in Hobart for the Art Exhibition at Salamanca place on Sunday 31 May where I am exhibiting some of my photography! At all these venues I will have with me the new Borneo Postcards free to give away, but will also carry the books/DVDs from my cycling adventure!

Here is a nice (but sad) poem about 65 Roses - CLICK.

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